Obstacles can be opportunities in disguise. Sceptical? Hear it from the leaders of different industries that we've gathered and learn how making the right choices has shaped their lives.

It’s your opportunity to learn and be inspired to create the future you’ve always envisioned.


Future Speak features six different entrepreneurs or social advocates specially selected to share defining moments in their unusual lives when they made critical decisions which changed the course of their futures forever. Listen to their stories and be inspired to make your own decisions to take your future into your hands now.




Christopher Chong is best known as the co-founder of Groupon Singapore. In 2010, at the age of 21, he started Beeconomic, Singapore’s first group buying website with his brother, Karl. Within six months of operation, Beeconomic was acquired by Groupon. He served as Groupon’s Marketing and Communications Director for four years.

Christopher has since founded two new Internet start-ups: GoFresh.com.sg and AirClick.co, Both were featured in The Straits Times, The Business Times, The New Paper, iWeekly, 8Days and magazines such as Prestige (PIN) and Millionaire Asia.

Christopher is passionate about youth entrepreneurialism, volunteering as mentor and guest lecturer at the National University of Singapore and polytechnics.


Grace Clapham

Agent Grace

With a passion for inspiring young entrepreneurs and individuals to take action and making a change, Grace Clapham is the co-founder of various eco-systems and communities within Asia. Driven by a need to connect the dots, Grace is on a mission to foster and build the entrepreneurial and creative sectors across the Asia-Pacific region, whilst building better cross-cultural understanding in everything she does.

Grace has not only co-organised CreativeMornings Singapore and SheSays Singapore, she has co-founded The Change School, Change Ventur.es and Secret {W} Business, Connector at Plus Social Good. In addition, Grace is the ambassador and co-curator of Deceler8 as well as a lead curator for TEDxSingapore Women in 2010, 2012 and 2013. She is also a Mentor at Hub Singapore working with young start-ups.


Khor Chin Puang

Pan's Fish

With a bachelor degree, Chin Puang could have easily found a job just like many of his peers. However, he chose to become a fishmonger because he was born into a family of fishmongers. Since young, Chin Puang has had a deep passion for fish and seafood. While many people view the fishmongering business as a sunset industry in Singapore, Chin Puang is applying what he has learnt, particularly business management and marketing, to revitalise the fishmongering industry.

Still in his late 20’s, Chin Puang already has five active fish stalls all over Singapore with plans to expand further.


Nicholas Chan

Azione Capital Pte Ltd

Nicholas Chan spent over half his life on the battlefields of business. In 1996, at the age of 16, he co-founded his first tech start-up. In 2005, Nicholas co-founded a consultancy practise and performed his first seven mergers and acqusitions. In 2006, he launched a mobile Location Based Service start-up and his first venture capital firm, Azione Capital. Nicholas acquired a marine technology company in 2007 and co-founded two tech start-ups in 2008 and 2013.

These days, Nicholas advises Asian universities on intellectual property commercialisation. He also provides consultation to companies on innovation and enterprise as strategic leverage.

Nicholas currently heads Fredrik Marine, a maritime info-communications technology firm and Maelstrom Asia, Singapore’s first military simulation scenario paintball operator.


Pamela Chng

Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

Pamela Chng has more than 15 years of start-up and business experience before she founded Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, a for-profit social business that aims to arm marginalised women and youth-at-risk with the skills and tools to make their lives better.

Using the humble coffee bean and Singapore's growing specialty coffee industry as their starting points, Bettr Barista takes a holistic training approach that focuses on mental (skills), emotional and physical development.


Eunice Olsen

Women Talk/Project Precious

Eunice Olsen was the winner of the Miss Singapore Universe pageant in 2000. In November 2004, she was the youngest appointed Nominated Member of Parliament, where she served two terms.

The television host and actress founded Women Talk in 2013, an Emmy Award nominated interview series featuring women from Asia with compelling and powerful stories that empower and inspire. She also co-produced and acted in 3.50, a movie about sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Today, Eunice is involved in numerous non-profit philanthropic causes, including Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore and Habitat for Humanity.